Babies Dressed as Breaking Bad Characters Are Adorably Inappropriate

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The hunt for this year's best Halloween costumes is over, everyone. These two tiny children have taken the prize with their representation of Breaking Bad's Walter White (complete with a photoshopped goatee, hat and glasses) and Jesse Pinkman.


This isn't the first time a parent has dressed their kids in this adorable and entirely age inappropriate costume, but still! It never gets old! Gotta say, the blue rock candy as a substitute blue sky meth is an excellent addition.

[Via Aaron Paul's , h/t Uproxx]



I saw some Buzzfeed list recently about parents who nailed it on Halloween, and it made me wonder about costumes like these... there was definitely a Walt and Jessie, Kip from Napoleon Dynamite, Frida Kahlo, Andy Warhol, and a bunch of others, all of which were really well-done. But I was thinking, while it may be fun for the parents, and may be hilarious 20 years from now when they look at the photos, is it really any fun for an 8 year-old to be dressed as Andy Warhol? Like, isn't it kiiinda mean for a parent to just use their kid for their own entertainment value, if the kid isn't in on the joke and probably won't have much fun doing it? And when they're in their class, won't they be jealous of the little Spidermen or Batmen or whatever? I'm genuinely asking because I don't have kids, so maybe they do dig stuff like that and I'm just outta the loop. Also, I can totally see wanting to get your kid to do/wear/say funny shit for your own amusement, but I was just wondering if, in the case of Halloween, you wouldn't be robbing them of an experience of their own.