In the UK, a 14-year old girl has been tossed out of school for wearing a bracelet. Thing is, she's Sikh. And the bracelet, a Kara, is a part of her faith. Her school says the bangle stands in violation of their dress code, which prevents not only the wearing of jewelry, but also the wearing of any accessories that would announce one's religion. (Earlier this year, a Muslim student was denied the right to wear her head scarf and a Christian student, was told by England's high court that she didn't have the right to wear a ring that served as a token of her chastity pledge.)

So here are some questions: Is this right? Banning jewelry? And does a "chastity" ring belong in the same category as a head scarf or a Kara? Because a chastity ring isn't a part of actual religious practice. And how is it that non-Christians are always being sent the message that their customs and faith are, literally, unacceptable? Does preventing the wearing of "symbols of faith" does make for religious equality? And what do you think would happen if this girl — or her parents — took this issue to court?

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