At the risk of sounding like a 16-year-old with a NSFW tumblr, James Deen is totally dreamy. He has been called the Ryan Gosling of porn, he has his own adorable cooking show, and he wants to hold your hand if you are reading this.

In a recent interview with Refinery 29, he out porn-Gosling'ed himself, arguing the concept of "porn for women" is limiting and essentializing — and that it polices women's sexuality:

"My theory on porn for women is it’s just porn. Why is there porn explicitly only for women? By saying there needs to be porn for women, you’re basically isolating women as a gender, and saying, 'This is how women should think. This is how their sexuality should be.' It’s counterproductive (from what I understand) to the equality movement. Who says that one woman's take on sexuality is the right way to think? One woman might like to watch a film with high production value and beautiful sex. Another might like some BDSM things with beating, degradation — and it doesn’t mean either is right or wrong. Pornography is made for individuals to find what they enjoy, and what turns them on. There’s no market research on this because sexuality is always developing, growing, and evolving. You could talk to a million people about what they like in porn, and you’re going to get a million answers of what a million people like in porn at that moment.”

He then went on to talk about his cats:

I don’t know why people like me. It’s pretty awesome that they do, I’m pretty stoked by it, but it’s just me being me. I’ve got some cats, and they like me.

Multiple cats, you say? Sigh.

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