The Insider has been following the weight-loss journey of Brooke, a heavy-set sixth grader from Texas who turned to liposuction to drop the extra pounds after "diet and exercise didn't work." We aren't just calling bullshit on this — we're screaming bullshit on it it. Diet and exercise happens to work for everyone, you just have to apply yourself. And if it doesn't work for you, then that means you have some sort of medical condition like diabeedus or a thyroid disorder. Also, at her heaviest, that girl weighed 218 lbs. Sure, that's not thin, but it isn't morbidly obese either. Anyway, her mother insists the liposuction saved her life but we're convinced that her mom is a nut and her doctor is a quack for allowing this girl to be put under general anesthesia multiple times. Check out the clip above, and find out the twist ending. Spoiler alert: It involves more surgery!