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It’s back-to-school time and all of the parents on your Facebook feed are thrilled to have their lives back. That is, right after they stopped crying about the cost of sending their little monsters to class with new clothes, learning supplies and cell phones. And these days, if a kid’s at least 12, many think it’s time for them dial on their own.


American Express released a new survey drawing on 2,033 adults and the 2014 spending habits of parents. 64 percent said they’d buy their kid a phone between the ages of 10-14, 21 percent said 15-18 and 10 percent said “younger than 10.” So, like, a five year old? Uh, Ok.

In addition, American Express found that back-to-school spending jumped five percent since 2013, with parents saying they’re spending an average of $1,151 vs. $1,094 last year. Here are the top five electronics parents are purchasing to make sure their kids reach the head of the class:

Laptop computer (21% vs. 25% in 2013)

Tablet (20% vs. 15% in 2013)

Scientific calculator (17% vs. 18% in 2013)

Mobile phone (13%, on par with 2013)

Printer (12% vs 13% in 2013)

It's an (electronic) jungle out there, and and it will no doubt be filled with texts and snapchats this fall. Stay classy, kids.


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