11-Year-Old Girl Trying to Break Figure Skating Record for Charity

A pre-teen girl from Nova Scotia said she wants to break a world record in figure skating so she can raise money for her favorite charity.


Olivia Oliver, 11, is seeking to become the fastest spinner on ice skates by completing the most rotations per minute, according to the Global News:

Currently, the world record is held by Natalia Kanounnikova, who reached 308 rotations per minute; in a recent practice, Olivia just passed 300 rotations per minute.


Olivia is after more than the world record – she is using her talents for a good cause and trying to raise money for Fundacja Dziecieca Fantazja, her parents' charity in their native Poland, as well as Leave Out Violence, also known as LOVE.

[Olivia's father Garry] and his wife founded Fundacja Dziecieca Fantazja in 2004 and it aims to grant wishes to terminally ill children. Wishes can range from new cell phones and laptops to trips to Disney World and meeting the Pope.


"I have to find the right spot on my blade to spin," she told Global News. "Once I find that spot, I know it and I squeeze. I pull myself all together as fast as I can and that makes me go much faster."

It seems to me that our list of badass feminist warriors is getting younger and younger and I am SO DOWN with that. Girl power is basically a Flintstones vitamin these young ladies take in between breaking world records and destroying the everyone's expectations at this point.

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Ken Yadiggit, Adios

This is not helping me keep my breakfast down.