10-Year-Old Kid Writes Adorable Instructions on How to Be Cool at Camp

Summer camp is supposed to be a fun respite from the stresses of the school year, but let's be honest: navigating the social structure of the mess hall is not all that different from figuring out where to sit in the cafeteria. That's why a tipster once devised this guide to "How to be Cool in Camp" before taking off for sleepaway camp back when he was the ripe old age of 10.


Some of these bullet points read a bit like The Game for preteens — "Only allow your date up to 2 mercy dances"? What does that even mean? — but the rest are pretty great, from "You ALWAYS think the food is okay (not good, not bad, not so-so)" to "Don't be stuck on yourself, but don't be an underachiever." As excellent as this list is, we also hope this kid actually got out of his head long enough to waterski, make some lanyards, and maybe ask out a girl or two.

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