10-Year-Old Divorcee Goes Back To School • Mom Helps Son Create A Weapons Cache

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• 10-year-old Yemeni divorcee Nujood Ali went back to school this month where she plans to study drawing and math; eventually, she hopes to become a lawyer. • A Pennsylvania mother admitted to helping her 14-year-old son build a cache of weapons to fend off school bullies. • Jason Donovan, a former star of Neighbours and ex-boyfriend of his co-star Kylie Minogue, says that Kylie dumped him in the '80s over the telephone. • Zookeepers in Ukraine have sent abandoned tigers to a nearby pig farm to be nursed by the mama pigs. •• Thomas Daley, a Pennsylvanian landlord, is accused of wiretapping and secretly recording footage of his female tenants in their apartments for 20 years. • According to a new studyconducted in conjunction with Clairol Nice n' Easy, women who dye their hair feel more confident. • UC Santa Barbara has created a graduate program that will offer a MA and a PhD in feminist studies, beginning in the fall 2009 semester. • A report from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare has found that self-harm among teen girls has risen by one-third in the past eight years and is more likely to cause hospitalization. • Sally Cluley will become England's youngest pilot this weekend when she receives her Private Pilots License on her 17th birthday on Sunday. • The FDA launched a crackdown today on eye wash and papain-based eye creams that are currently not approved by the FDA. • A lesbian soldier is seeking about $800,000 in compensation after a male officer in the Royal Artillery made sexual advances on her and then told to keep quiet by other unsympathetic officers.• A town in northern Italy joins a Tel Aviv suburb in using a DNA database to fine dog owners who don't scoop their dog's poop. • Ever wanted to tear someone a new asshole but found the job physically impossible? Now you can do it! • A radiation seed implant called ballon brachytherapy can shorten radiation treatment for breast cancer and will hopefully lead more women to seek out radiation therapy. • Morocco's top body of Islamic scholars have condemned a Muslim theologian's decree that girls as young as nine can marry. •


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Well, obviously, if your kid is being bullied the correct action is to build him a weapons cache. What else was she supposed to do?