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10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's TV roundup, Bruno Mars charms on SNL, butt chugging gets a shout out on New Girl and Stephen Colbert stops by The Office.


1.) Art imitates life on Parks and Recreation.
Donna's got herself a Twitter account!


2.) Billy Eichner meets Madonna.
Oh, yeah. And something about the election.

3.) Bruno Mars gave a more than capable performance on SNL.
"Well, he's still no Justin Timberlake." - my mom

4.) Aww, they talked about butt chugging on New Girl.
Renew this show for all the seasons!


5.) Happy Endings is back.
We need to talk more about how great this show is.

6.) Aziz Ansari offers up his thoughts on marriage.
To be fair, I always thought that he and that sweater would be very good together.


7.) Ellen dresses up cute little kids in Halloween costumes.

8.) Stephen Colbert is Andy's a cappella competition on The Office.
If only Steve Carell could have been there — then it would have been a real Daily Show reunion!


9.) Amy Poehler is ABC News' Person of the Week.
But she's my Person of a Lifetime.


10.) Dawson Leery hangs out with Zack Morris on Don't Trust the B.
Tween/teen crushes collide.

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Is it still too early to talk about the last scene of this week’s Parks and Rec? 'Cause I’m 99.9% sure it’s the reason Tumblr broke this morning.