10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

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In this week's compilation of pop culture crap, "Balloon Boy" farts, Tyra curses, Michael Lohan goes on Maury, and Jon Gosselin says he won't get Botox... because he's Asian-American.

1.) Who farted?
Bigger than the mystery of whether or not this whole thing was a publicity stunt is the mystery of which Heene family member's heinie gave a Bronx cheer.

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Entertainment Tonight is all over this thing.

2.) Speaking of potty humor…
I love this girl.

3.) "Well, fuck you."

4.) 12¢ Cheeseburgers

5.) Wendy Williams fucked up a lot this week.
More than usual.

6.) This kook says she's spoken to Michael Jackson since he died.

7.) Balloon Boy will not steal Jon Gosselin's thunder!
This week Jon was, again, all over The Insider and Entertainment Tonight (which led to the lawsuit TLC filed against him today). After his appearance in court earlier this week, when a judge ordered him to return $180,000 he took from Kate and his children, Jon appeared tense. Here, he explains his clenched jaw.

Entertainment Tonight managed to get Rod Stewart's opinion on Jon, as though Rod is some kind of father of the year. (Rod's children have, in fact, been on reality TV, and one of them appeared on Celebrity Rehab, which is a giant parental fail.)

8.) Asians don't need Botox, according to Jon Gosselin.
But he would like to get new hair plugs.

9.) Jon is trying to distance himself from Michael Lohan.

And that's probably a good thing, considering that Lindsay's dad filmed an episode of Maury this week, which, as of yet, has no scheduled air date.

10.) 30 Rock is back!

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I can't stand the idea of someone feeling they need to publicly announce their bodily functions. I don't think it is so much being yourself as just feeling you have the right to inflict that on other people. #balloonboyfart