In this week's multimedia compilation of pop culture crap, Chynna Phillips believes that Jesus planned for her sister and father to have sex, Tyra investigates objectum sexuals, and there's a reported vagina flash on So You Think You Can Dance.

1.) Flash Dance
This week on So You Think You Can Dance?, some woman flashed her crotch, and Fox gave her a flesh-colored blur, leading these ABC News correspondents to wonder whether or not she was going commando.


2.) Barbara disses Mariah's boring story on The View.

The interview was preempted for the breaking news that Chicago did not get picked to host the Olympics. When The View returned, Mimi's dog appeared.

3.) This.


4.) Jesus wanted John Phillips to have sex with his daughter.
Because he knew it would help Chynna sell her new album.

5.) Tyra has a knack for discovering people who are really good at being assholes.

6.) Tyra also finally discovered Objectum Sexuals.


7.) Check out this hot ticket on Judge Judy.

8.) So not glitz.


9.) Kim doesn't like anything "cheesy" or "cheap."
So don't let the wig fool you.

10.) NeNe bitches out Lara Spencer.