10 Things You May Have Missed On TV This Week

Many weeks, we come across stupid stuff on TV that might fall through the cracks. In Mixed Bag, we'll collect those odds and ends, for a multimedia compilation of pop culture crap.

1.) Judge Judy is not reading this.


2.) And she doesn't care about the gossip at Wal-Mart.

3.) This guy reinforces negative stereotypes about Star Trek fans, and frankly, abstinence.

4.) Boobs


Earliest this week, we posted about this mom who was pressuring her teenage daughter to get breast implants. I knew I knew her from somewhere, but couldn't place it. Thanks to readers for pointing out that she's actually been on an episode of Tyra (that we clipped) about how she didn't want to quit smoking. Tyra tricked her into thinking she was getting a makeover and a photo shoot, but then had special effects people make her look gross.


5.) Tyra's not a "big-headed bitch."


Earlier this week, Tyra was on Rachael Ray, and said that she was happy that she wasn't crowned prom queen, because then she would've grown up to be a "big-headed bitch."


6.) Tyra is totally a "big-headed bitch."

7.) Speaking of dicks, John Wayne Bobbitt is still a giant one.

8.) Kathie Lee Gifford beat the shit out of a piñata.

9.) Awkwaaaaard!

10.) Kim Kardashian will make vibrators as trendy as sex tapes.

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