10 Things You May Have Missed In TV This Week

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In this week's TV roundup, Louis C.K.'s daughter tells a pretty good joke, we learn Pam's back story on True Blood, The View grills Rielle Hunter and the premiere of Aaron Sorkin's latest masturbation fantasy The Newsroom.

1.) Billy On the Street(s of Tel Aviv)
Billy Eichner is too great to be contained to the streets of New York, especially when Madonna is kicking off her world tour in Israel.


2.) New Aaron Sorkin show is Aaron Sorkin-y.
Middle-aged white guys are soooooooooooo smart, you guys.

3.) Watch Jimmy Fallon and Channing Tatum act like a couple of preteen girls.


4.) Tyler, the female-to-male transgender contestant gets booted from The Glee Project.
Make no mistake about it, Tyler deserved to go home, but his involvement did bring up some interesting questions about supporting entertainment and talent versus supporting a worthy cause. This has always been where Glee's weakness— trying to balance a cohesive narrative arch and a Cause of the Week — and it was sort of interesting (sort of) to see it dealt with by the creators of the show.


5.) Russell Brand's new TV show is one of the most uncomfortable things you'll ever watch.
Guys, don't get mad, but I kind of...like Russell Brand. I know! I know, but it's mostly because of this and a little because of this. That said, Brand X is a true nightmare.


6.) Speaking of uncomfortable, here's Rielle Hunter on The View.
The best way to make this bearable is by imagining Cheri Oteri as Barbara Walters.


[Clip via Buzzfeed]

7.) Stephen Colbert attempts to woo the country of Sweden with Abba.
Take a chance on him, Sweden! Take a goddamn chance!


8.) And here's how Pam became a vampire on True Blood.
Before she was a badass, lethal, lesbian vampire club owner, Pam was just a sad, manipulative madam at the best little whorehouse in Texas. Enter Northman!


9.) An unusual day in the life of Jon Hamm
Don't you take a shot at Jon Hamm no matter how many birds he flips you.


10.) Louis C.K. talks about women and his hilarious daughters on Leno.
This is why I'm optimistic on this whole wife casting thing.


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Starting from the top:

-Not sure how I feel about newsroom. Hope they make Dev Patel's character more interesting, and have less fawning over the ditzy blonde news assistant.

-The Russell Brand clip left me uninterested. Just seems like his show will be him going extended rants about random subjects. (Kinda in the spirit of the Aaron Sorkin show)

-I can't stand the view, and their style of tag team interviewing. But it was funny how none of the audience clapped when told that they would be receiving free copies of Rielle Hunters book.

-That flashback was the best part of True Blood, but overall this season is a snoozefest.