10 Things You May Have Missed In TV This Week

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In this week's TV roundup, SNL celebrates a milestone, Jane Lynch does Maddow, Chris Rock has a point and Smash gets a Marilyn.

1.) Derek makes the wrong choice on Smash.
Derek picked Karen over Ivy to play Marilyn? Wha? What? Huh?


2.) Community leaves the dark timeline behind.
This season of Community was A.) great and B.) very dark! And it almost got darker with Evil Abed nearly cutting off Jeff's arm, Pierce and Shirley in conflict and Troy surrendering his life to the elite and secretive air conditioning repair school. Luckily, the Greendale Seven managed to pull it together just in time for the season finale.

3.) Ellen and Steve Carell play charades.
This is a dream game night.

4.) Chris Rock talks gay marriage with Graham Norton.
"This shows you how screwed up the world is, though. That a man just goes, 'Hey, I think that gay people should be treated like everyone else.' CONTROVERSY!"



5.) Baby genius has to poop.

6.) Lindsay Lohan and Perez Hilton guest star on Glee.

P.S. New Directions wins Nationals.

7.) Speaking of Glee, Jane Lynch killed it on Rachel Maddow.
Who's the hostess with the mostest? I think we're lookin' at her!


8.) Taylor Kitsch explains how he got the role of Tim Riggins on Friday Night Lights.
Why does it make me so excited that he still lives in Austin?


9.) You should have smang'd it when you had the chance, Jon Snow.
You in trouble now.


10.) The Lonely Island celebrates their 100th SNL Digital Short.
Well done, boys. Well done.


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