10 Things We Learned About Tyra Banks This Week

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Tyra Banks, "America's Next Top Mogul" is on the cover of the new Entertainment Weekly, and, while most of what's in the interview is stuff we'd already known (how her talk show has the youngest median age of any other talk show, how ANTM is a global success, how much she's into "girl empowerment," etc.), there were some great nuggets, like details of her multimillion dollar production deal with Warner Bros., and how she claims that her relocation to NYC was not for a man (even though it so was). So here 10 new things we learned about TyTy:

1.) She can sometimes be on point. On being compared to Oprah: "In the beginning, I used to hate it. I used to cry at night just because of the pressure. if I was white, I don't think they'd be saying it. I think a lot of it has to do with being a black woman.''


2.) She has plans for world domination. "I'm probably a mogul in the making," she said. Along with her Warner Bros. production deal (which includes TV and film projects) she also has plans for retail and real estate projects, as well as amusement parks and Broadway shows!

3.) She likes to be hugged "fiercely."

4.) She is even more opinionated about the Top Model contestants while in the editing room. "She is still actively involved in even the smallest details, like the show's opening montage of the contestants. Viewing one poorly lit model's visage, Banks exclaims, 'She's getting nasal labia folds!'" LOL! Speaking of labia:

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5.) Her estimated annual income is $18 million.

6.) She loved talking about burgers, even as a child. "I used to want to write commercials as a kid 'I used to tell my mom, 'Mom, they didn't end the commercial right. They should have ended it on the burger, 'cause they're trying to sell the burger, and they ended on the lady's face and I don't even remember if it's McDonald's or Wendy's anymore."

7.) She doesn't mind when we make fun of her. "An infamous November episode that featured a women's-health expert...and her vagina puppet. ''That type of stuff doesn't mean you're not being taken seriously,'' says Banks. ''It just means you're being heard. To me, the vagina puppet — yeah, it gets spoofed, but it also gets women talking about their vaginal health.'"

8.) She's working on a reality show project with Ashton Kutcher. (Which she vaguely describes as being ''my brand and his brand combined.'')


9.) She's not afraid of wanting money. "I'm not afraid of wanting money at all."

10.) She doesn't plan to be on TV anymore by the time she's 60. BULL. SHIT!



@kataroo_kangaroo: Pet Shop Boys. Nice.

@ineffable.me: Yeah, I'm calling shenanigans on this one two. It's not because you're black, Tyra. It's because you mimic Oprah's format, her mannerisms, her speech. I'm pretty sure the real estate she's dealing with is actually inside Oprah's vagina.