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10 Reasons To Love Bryan Batt

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Yes, he's awesome as Sal Romano, Mad Men's hapless closeted art director. But that's just one of the reasons he's in the Arbitrary Male Celebrity's Hall of Fame:

1. Well, he's awesome on Mad Men. And as he says of Sal, "He's the only one that hasn't cheated on his wife, you know."


2. Hazelnut - the home design store he runs with his partner of 20 years, Tom Cianfichi, is awesome.

3. He's not afraid of the "Role Model" badge.


4.He's an incredible host.

5. He missed his first Mad Men audition because he and Tom were taking their goddaughter to Paris.

6. He played Che in dinner theatre, Lumiere in Beauty and the Beast, and was in Cats.

7. His home, unsurprisingly, is stunning. He created a lot of the art and sewed the pillows.


8. He gives great quote:
"Please please please, if you need art, please do not use this one photo that everyone uses of Peggy and Sal at this party where I'm eating or something and wearing this awful maroon sweater in which I look fat and ugly - it's just really awful."

"Like if you saw me at the SAG awards, I looked like a black Labrador Retriever puppy running to his bowl."

We opened the shop also because my nieces were growing up before my eyes and I never saw them enough, and now I'm here. I get to see them a little bit more. After this [interview], I'm going to have brunch with my nieces and have a little family life, too. One thing I loved about opening up the shop is I realized, that there's a whole world out there beyond show business. If you just do one thing with your life, you let your work define who you are, and there's so many other things. As I've said in many other interviews, I'm a firm believer in "and" over "or." You can do more than one thing with your life. And if you have an interest you have to follow it.


9. He's a committed activist whose causes include Broadway Cares/ Equity Fights AIDS, Habitat For Humanity, Second Harvest Food Bank, the Human Rights Campaign (Equality Award), the SPCA, The Preservation Resource Center, The Point Foundation, N.O. AIDS Task Forc and Le Petit Theatre du Vieux Carre. After Katrina, he organized a number of successful fundraisers.



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He reminds me of my gay Italian uncle who dotes on his niece/goddaughter even MORE now. #bryanbatt