10 Questions With Kate Gosselin

To work around the production ban Jon Gosselin imposed, last night, TLC aired a special J&KP8, which featured Kate answering "any and all reasonable questions" from viewers about her kids, her hair, her divorce, money, and the show's shaky future.

Mostly, the episode was sort of a PR push to convince the audience—if not Jon—that J&KP8 is not harmful to the Gosselin kids, and in fact, affords them special opportunities, like college tuition.

Earlier today, TLC released its plans for the (near) future of the show, which will include the one-hour special Kate: Her Story, airing November 2, "where NBC's Natalie Morales sits down with Kate Gosselin for her most intimate interview to date." There are four episodes of J&KP8 that will air in the following three weeks, one of which is a clips show.

1.) What's the deal with your hair?

2.) Do you regret renewing your vows with Jon last year?

3.) If the show is canceled permanently, what are your career goals?

4.) Do your kids know they're famous?

5.) Is there money put away for the kids' education that neither parent can touch?

6.) What's the worst thing you've read about yourself in the tabloids? Do you buy tabloids?

7.) Will you ever remarry?

8.) What happened to the dogs?

9.) Why do you look different?

10.) Do you clip coupons?

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