10 Questions Whitney Houston Answered About Drugs & Bobby Brown

Today, for its 24th-season premiere, The Oprah Winfrey Show aired an exclusive interview with Whitney Houston, who candidly answered questions about her drug addiction (cocaine and marijuana), and her turbulent relationship with ex-husband Bobby Brown.

Q: How bad did it get with the drugs?
A: "We were payin' money."

Q: When did the drugs start?
A: Time is categorized as either "Before The Bodyguard" or "After The Bodyguard."

Q: What did she do when she was high?
A: Read the bible.

Q: What did Bobby Brown do when he was high?
A: Arts and crafts.

Q: How frequently did she do drugs while filming The Preacher's Wife?
A: Every day.

Q: Was Bobby Brown jealous of her?
A: Hell to the yes.

Q: Does Whitney still worry about pleasing Bobby?
A: Hell to the no.
Q: Was Bobby Brown Abusive?
A: Emotionally, yes.

Q: Did Whitney realize what she was getting herself into when she signed up for Being Bobby Brown?
A: Hell to the no.

Q: What was Whitney's drug of choice?
A: Bobby.



Wow. Reading the bible sure did help. Haha, I bet that is trippy when your stoned out of your mind "Yo, Bobby, they're getting just got stoned. Bobby, he parted the sea. A whole sea! Omigod Bobby she turned into salt. Salt. They must have the good stuff back then."