10 Pop Songs About Female Masturbation

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The video for Pink's newest single, "Sober," was released today with a lot of buzz because it's supposed to depict female masturbation - sort of. The video (which you can see after the jump) actually symbolically shows Pink messing around on a bed with another version of herself. This territory isn't anything new for Pink. "Fingers," off her 2006 album I'm Not Dead, is a more direct approach to the subject. Upon first viewing "Sober," I thought, "Yeah, I liked it better when Björk did this with robots in 'All Is Full of Love.'" Then, I started thinking about all the different songs and videos about female masturbation by women and realized that there's like a butt load of them, and all by mainstream pop stars. Who says that women don't talk about playing with themselves? A roundup, after the jump.Pink - "Sober"

Björk - "All Is Full of Love"

Tweet - "Oops"

Britney Spears - "Touch of My Hand"

I love myself It's not a sin I can't control what's happenin' ‘Cause I just discovered Imagination's taking over Another day without a lover The more I come to understand The touch of my hand

Tori Amos - "Icicle"

And when my hand touches myself, I can finally rest my head. And when they take from his body, I think I'll take from mine instead, Getting off, getting off while they're all downstairs.

Divinyls - "I Touch Myself"

The Pussycat Dolls - "I Don't Need a Man"

I don't need a man to make it happen I get off being free I don't need a man to make me feel good I get off doing my thing I don't need a ring around my finger To make me feel complete So let me break it down I can get off when you ain't around

Madonna simulated masturbation during "Like a Virgin" on her Blonde Ambition tour.

Janet Jackson has like a million songs about sex, and I'm sure that a bunch of them include themes of masturbation, but the most popular is probably "If."

How many nights I've laid in bed excited over you I've closed my eyes and thought of us, A hundred different ways I've gotten there so many times

And then of course there's Cyndi Lauper's "She Bop," but for some reason, it's not embeddable from YouTube. So you can watch it here.


Speaking of Tori Amos and masturbation, two of my friends saw her in concert and she totally masturbated herself to orgasm in the middle of a song — while playing piano with another hand.

I've never seen her in concert, so maybe this is something she does regularly, but still — I was impressed when I heard the story.