10 Most Ignorant Things Said On Bad Girls Club

Last night was the premiere of the new season of Bad Girls Club, and this cast seems more despicable, less empathetic, and a whole lot more ignorant than previous seasons. (As we posted before, the two blondes—both named Amber—are sorta kinda definitely racist.) Their first night on the town, they immediately get kicked out of two clubs for fighting. The next night, they go out to dinner and get kicked out of the restaurant for fighting girls at another table. Then they get in a huge brawl at the house, and draw battle lines that will undoubtedly be crossed from time to time over the course of the season. In the clip above, watch the girls say some incredibly ignorant things like, "If someone was picking on me for being a cute, blonde girl, my first instinct would be to call them ugly," creating their own words like, "offenseful," and "expecially," and discussing Asian "stretched out" eyes.

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zap rowsdower

I want to know where in Boston that girl is from. I'm betting Waltham or Marblehead.