10 Facts About Casey Johnson

With the news that 30-year-old Johnson & Johnson heiress Casey Johnson passed away, people are wondering: Who is she and why should I care? Let us give you 10 facts via videography.


1.) She had diabetes.
Shortly after the news broke out about Johnson's death, most—even some of her close friends—suspected that drugs were involved. However, Johnson also had a history of diabetic comas. She even co-authored a book about it as a teenager.

2.) She was so rich that she didn't find think that a six-bedroom home was extravagant.
Also—while later identifying as a lesbian—she used to have boyfriends. Courtesy of LXTV.

3.) But she also suffered from the rich girl's dilemma.
Casey once told New York, "How many days a week can you actually go shopping? You think, What have I ever done to alter this world? What will people say? ‘Oh, she had a lot of shoes'?"

In 2002, she was one of the subjects of the WE documentary It Girls.4.) She was an It Girl.

5.) But somewhere it all went wrong.
Casey was in and out of rehab over the years, cut off financially from her family, lost custody of her daughter this year, was arrested last month, and in October, got a tattoo of some girl's name on her ankle.

6.) When she came out of the closet, she was part of the lesbian A-list.

7.) Dyke drama was among her many problems.
If you close your eyes, you'd think her ex-girlfriend was Mackenzie Phillips.

8.) Her ex Courtenay Semel is kind of funny.

9.) She was afraid of the cops.

10.) She leaves behind a daughter.


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