Loopy, aging stars, Martha Stewart's sex sounds, and inappropriate father/daughter relationships made it on 2008's 10 best talk show moments. (Spoiler alert: there's not a paternity test result in the bunch.)

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10.) Oprah Teaches Us How To Smile With Our Vajayjays


9.) What Exactly Is Wrong With Gary Coleman?

8.) Martha Stewart & Jane Goodall's Goofy Gorilla Greetings Sound Like Crazy Sex


7.) Girl After Our Own Drunken, Period-Sexed Hearts Crashes Tyra

6.) Tyra's "Modelville": Sore Loser Fails To Escape From The Set


5.) Was Kathleen Turner Soused On Martha Stewart?

4.) Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen Are The Most Boring Guests Oprah Has Ever Interviewed


3.) Father Gives Daughter Bikini Waxes, Rides To Work At A Brothel


2.) Diane Keaton Drops The F-Bomb On Good Morning America

1.) Maury Povitch Tortures Woman With Painful Cotton Ball Phobia