Urinary Tract Infections, abusive husbands and "marginal people" are just a few of the best Judge Judy moments of 2008.

To read more about the cases on the list, and to see longer versions of their corresponding clips, click the links.

10.) "Madam, If You Can Enjoy The Bedroom With Your Boyfriend, You Can Get A Job!"

9.) Judge Judy Says "Whatevs" To Spreading Herpes On The Internet


8.) A Stoner's Love For Judge Judy Is Unrequited

7.) Judge Judy Hates Screaming When She Has Laryngitis


6.) The Judge Judy Earthquake Episode

5.) Judge Judy To Crazy Eyes Lady: "Stop Looking At Me Like That!"


4.) Judge Judy Explains The Difference Between An "Accident" And "On Purpose" To Confused Litigant

3.) Judge Judy And The Case Of The Urinary Tract Infection


2.) Judge Judy Is Totally Justified In Calling This Woman A Moron Three Times

1.) Judge Judy Teaches Wife Beater To Have Respect For Women


Bonus clips!
These are two of my favorite Judge Judy episodes of all time, but they aired at the tail end of 2007. Still, they are too awesome to not mention here.

Judge Judy And The Lady Who Bit Off The Other Lady's Pinky Finger


Judge Judy And The Lady Who Eats Roadkill