$1.5 Million Shipment Of Condoms Goes Missing

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Keep an eye out for 700,000 ultrathin Japanese condoms! A shipment worth $1.5 million disappeared while being transported to Tokyo from Sagami Rubber Industries' factory in Malaysia, AFP reports.


This is a deeply troubling development, but thankfully the Malaysian police are on the case. Says one officer, "We take the matter of the missing condoms very seriously... we are investigating the matter."

Still, we can't judge the thief too harshly. Stealing may be illegal, but times are tough. Can you honestly say you wouldn't steal a crate of condoms to protect your 700,000 horny sex partners?


Malaysia Probing Japan Condom Disappearance [AFP]

Image via Dino O./Shutterstock.

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There must be a cover up! The detectives need to put on their raincoats and head out where the rubber meets the road.

I'm done.