In this crazy mixed up world of ours, what with all of the Africa-themed costume parties, Richard Cohens, Sarah Palins and black people getting arrested at department stores for simply attempting to purchase clothes, it can sometimes be a little hard (especially for white folks) to tell what's racist and what's not. (Cheat sheet: Dressing in blackface, saying interracial families make America want to barf, comparing things that aren't slavery to slavery and suspecting an individual of stealing based solely on the color of their skin are all, indeed, examples of racism.)

Thankfully, The Daily Show has stepped into help with a little game called "Racist or Not Racist," or as correspondent Jessica Williams calls it, "Straight Trippin' or We Cool?"

Oh, and would you look at that! My boyfriends' Key and Peele (please don't mention that I am seeing both of them — THEY DON'T KNOW) stopped by to weigh in, which I of course knew already because they are my boyfriends and they tell me everything.