Slate Power Couple Attempts To Stay Within 15 Feet Of Each Other For 24 Hours

Remember yurt-dwellers Michael Roach and Christie McNally, the controversial Buddhists who remain within 15 feet of each other at all times? Well, Slate deputy editor David Plotz and his wife, Atlantic contributing editor Hanna Rosin tried to embrace the Roach-McNally lifestyle, but instead of living in a remote… »6/03/08 5:00pm6/03/08 5:00pm


Sexless Monk Marriage Appears To Verge On Giving World The Next "Virgin Birth"

Michael Roach and Christie McNally have sort of the opposite of an "open marriage": Never separated by more than fifteen feet...they do not fuck. They breathe in unison, thanks to all the yoga — "We are always inhaling at the same moment and we are always exhaling at the same moment," she says — but have apparently … »5/16/08 1:30pm5/16/08 1:30pm