Six Insane 'Insights' From the Hypercompetitive Juice Industry

As the juice trend barrels uncontrollably ahead (much like your diarrhea will when juice is all you eat), the titans of the industry are becoming more and more defensive both in response to those who question juice as The Way of Life and with one other. Unbearable debates over what constitutes as "real juice" are… »5/24/13 10:50am5/24/13 10:50am


Rick Santorum's Official Stance on Porn is Hilarious

Rick Santorum has run a surprisingly successful Presidential run for someone essentially campaigning on an anti-fun platform. Between speaking out against non-procreative sex, bravely doubling down on his assertion that gays are ruining straight marriage, and his brave plan to encourage women to stay home from work so… »3/14/12 3:30pm3/14/12 3:30pm