Possibly-Fake 13-Year-Old Seduces Prostitutes With Fake World Of Warcraft Winnings

That kids today are exposed to massive amounts of porn and heavily porn-influenced content at impossibly tender ages is an unavoidable fact. Parents and teachers and the whole "Village Thing" can do a certain amount to censor and filter and limit this, but a part of me thinks that all young men should just start… »5/13/08 1:30pm5/13/08 1:30pm


Kids Today: More Narcissistic Than Ever? I Know, It's A Tough One...

Is the younger generation more narcissistic than we are? Well YEAHDUH, but here's something kind of interesting! See, two scholars are engaged in a hot dispute as to whether all the MySpace/Flickr/tumblr/silvr/U.S.AmericanTopModelChefFifthGrader shit actually causes people to be more self-obsessed. The champion of the… »1/17/08 2:00pm1/17/08 2:00pm