The Trailer For Fargo's Next Season Is Vintage Midwestern Perfection

A woman’s been murdered in a Luverne, Minnesota Waffle Hut sometime in the 1970s, and it’s got everyone in the area afraid, confused, excited, vengeful, or all of the above. That’s just about all the plot we’re given in the excellent trailer for the second season of Fargo, but I think it’s all we need. »7/21/15 5:10pm7/21/15 5:10pm


Sarah Palin's Yearbook Message: 'Hey Jerk-Off, Stay Sober'

Ah, youth! When we were so full of guff, so apt to call someone a "jerk off." Check out this recently unearthed message, penned in 1981 at Wasilla High School, in which Sarah Palin urged a friend to have a good summer and "stay sober." Chances are, this was not a missive for fellow Wasilla High student Todd Palin —… »10/28/11 2:50pm10/28/11 2:50pm

Watch The Official Trailer For The Unauthorized Sarah Palin Documentary

Have you ever wondered what the citizens of Wasilla, Alaska really think about Sarah Palin? In You Betcha!, documentarian and director Nick Broomfield travels to Palin's hometown to interview the people, local government officials, and even a few family members to get their honest, realistic thoughts on the woman we… »9/19/11 5:40pm9/19/11 5:40pm