Pork Producers Try To Win Over Women • Gang-Banger Girlfriends More Likely To Get Pregnant

How do you sell pork to women? Liken it to clear nail polish! • A heartbroken man in Taiwan climbed into a morgue freezer in an attempt be with his deceased girlfriend. • A group of Moldovan woman accidentally trespass in a "no girls allowed" Greek monastery after being abandoned by human traffickers in Mount Athos,… »5/27/08 5:30pm5/27/08 5:30pm

Cliques Push Brand-Obsessed Teens • Queen Of Hip Hop Soul Starts Foundation For Girls

Tween Clique books link popularity/boys with brand name items. Prepare for disappointment, 7th graders of America! • Texas graverobbing teens and one adult make bong out of child's skull. • Professional British wedding planner doesn't believe in marriage. • People spend almost $2,000 a year on "pissed-off purchases,"… »5/09/08 5:40pm5/09/08 5:40pm

Having Kids Will Make You Sad • A 10-Year-Old Gives Birth

Having kids sends many couples into downward spiral of sadness. •Albena Danailova has been made the first female concertmaster (or leader of the first violin section) of the Vienna State Opera. • More Austrian news! Crazy-Dad Fritzl says he was aware he was abusing/raping daughter but wanted "lots of children." • The… »5/08/08 5:30pm5/08/08 5:30pm

Hedgehogs Hatch Early For Spring • Sue Johanson Ends Sex Talk

Baby hedgehogs arrive early in Britain due to warm weather. Awww. • Moms-to-be with gum disease have a higher chance of suffering from preeclampsia, premature births. • Two-year olds likely to have smaller vocabularies if dad is depressed. • Duh: kids in stable post-divorce families have less negative long-term… »5/07/08 5:30pm5/07/08 5:30pm

Uma's Stalker Found Guilty • Weatherman Wants "Stick" Licked

Uma Thurman's stalker found guilty of stalking and being creepy. • Weather Channel anchor man wanted female co-anchor to allegedly "lick [his] swizzle stick." • Ecuadorian dudes who suck in bed protest women's orgasm education amendment. • Homeless mom is arrested after toddler drinks GHB at a house they both visited.… »5/06/08 5:30pm5/06/08 5:30pm

Is Speed Racer A Feminist Film? • Ohio Students Get Moms Drunk, Arrested

Christina Ricci calls her Speed Racer character a "feminist ideal." • An Indian bride-to-be rejects groom for poor math skills. • Bus driver and artist wants to change name to "In God We Trust." • Almost one-third of U.S. parents are clueless about infant development. • Malaysia drops proposal for restrictions on… »5/05/08 5:30pm5/05/08 5:30pm

Sexually-Inexperienced Seal Tries To Bone Penguin • UK Reports 50% More Female Drunks

A "frustrated, sexually inexperienced" young male seal tries to have sex with a penguin.• Older Japanese singles are trying out that whole online dating thing. • A 51-year-old man admits to using voodoo to seduce teen girls. • Two women make history, win second-"highest" medical prize. • PETA asks Hollywood insiders »5/02/08 5:20pm5/02/08 5:20pm

"Untouchable" Girl Thrown On Fire • Low Weight And Education-Levels Linked

• A 6-year-old Indian girl was thrown into a fire by a man for being an untouchable. • People of Lesbos insulted by term 'lesbian', sue a gay rights group. • A 94-year old woman becomes Britain's oldest bride. • Sixty-nine percent of mothers ages 18 to 34 incur medical debt. • Afghanistan holds the world's highest… »4/30/08 5:30pm4/30/08 5:30pm

Strippers Lose Jobs To The Internet • The Simpsons Are Back on Venezuelan TV

Print journalists aren't the only ones losing jobs, strippers feel the burden of the digital age. • Iranian says Barbies are "destructive" and must be stopped. • Incarcerated 400-pound man loses 100 pounds, sues county for underfeeding. • Six conservative women talk about dating whiny liberal men. • Two teenagers are… »4/28/08 5:30pm4/28/08 5:30pm

Scandinavians Split On Sexist Ads • Beaver Goes On Russian Booze Rampage

Scandinavian countries spar over, defend sexist advertising and free speech laws. • Pregnant Indian women more likely to have morning sickness than Norwegians. • My Little Pony celebrates 25th birthday with tea and Elizabeth Hasselbeck. • Smart girls supposedly have a harder time getting off because, um, they think »4/25/08 5:40pm4/25/08 5:40pm

Florida Outlaws Truck Nuts? • Congo Arrests Cock Snatchers

• Being a tool just got harder: Florida may fine drivers with truck nuts. • EHarmony ditches one-night stand advice after super-prudes protest. • Pervy dude peeps on roommate using teddy bear camera. • Superstitious Congolese police arrest suspected "penis snatchers"; men must find new excuse for small dicks. • Pasha… »4/23/08 5:30pm4/23/08 5:30pm