Polygamist Convicted Of Sexually Assaulting A Child

In the first trial following the raid of the Yearning For Zion Ranch, Raymond Jessop was convicted yesterday of sexually assaulting a child for having sex with his 15-year-old wife. He faces up to 20 years in prison. [MSNBC] » 11/06/09 11:40am 11/06/09 11:40am

Former Victim Sues Men Caught With Child Porn • Obama Daughters Not Yet…

• A 20-year-old woman is seeking restitution for pornographic videos made of her when she was eight years old. The abuse was committed and filmed by her uncle, and the resulting videos became "Internet child porn classics." • » 10/26/09 5:40pm 10/26/09 5:40pm

Have Polygamists Had A Change Of Heart On Underage Marriage?

A Texas child welfare official testified on Tuesday regarding her department's raid of the Yearning for Zion Ranch, "The action we took, I believe, has changed the behavior of this organization." » 4/16/09 2:30pm 4/16/09 2:30pm

Despite Doubters, Texas Will Keep Polygamist Children In State Custody

Texas judge Barbara Walther ruled on Friday that the 416 children who were taken from the Fundamentalist Latter Day Saints' polygamist enclave, the Yearning For Zion Ranch, be kept in state custody. This legal decision has not been made without opposition, not just from the FLDS brass, but also from the ACLU and … » 4/21/08 9:30am 4/21/08 9:30am