FDA Advisers Who Approved Yaz Tied to Drug Companies

Last month, the FDA asked a panel of outside experts whether the blood clot risk for newer birth control pills like Yaz and Yasmin was significant enough to pull the drugs from the market. The panel found that the risk is worth it to prevent pregnancy (which is an even bigger clot risk), but the narrow margin didn't… »1/12/12 10:28pm1/12/12 10:28pm


FDA Wants You to Know that Birth Control is Very Dangerous

The Obama administration has barred over-the-counter sales of Plan B for women under 17 because of as-yet unelaborated upon health concerns. A popular breast cancer drug doesn't work. Breast cancer screenings may be harmful. And now, the Food and Drug Administration wants birth control manufacturers to include new… »12/09/11 4:10pm12/09/11 4:10pm

Newer Birth Control Pills Are More Dangerous, But Probably Won't Kill You

For those of us who like to convince ourselves that we're dying anytime we feel a tingle in our leg, the increasing amount of research that shows newer types of birth control pills, such as Yaz and Yasmin, have an increased risk of blood clots is disturbing. Now two more studies have shown that using these pills is… »11/07/11 10:23pm11/07/11 10:23pm

In a letter released yesterday, the FDA condemned Bayer AG for misleading TV commercials for the bir
In a letter released yesterday, the FDA condemned Bayer AG for misleading TV commercials »10/08/08 9:45am10/08/08 9:45am for the birth control pill Yaz. Two of the ads suggest that Yaz has been approved to relieve common PMS symptoms like "bloating" and "moodiness" when it has only been cleared for a more serious condition called premenstrual…

Nina Garcia Thinks Your Birth Control Is Aesthetically Unpleasing

  • It's official: Nina Garcia is officially a has-been. The recently-fired Elle fashion director is now partnering with Bayer and Yaz to judge a contest in which people submit designs for a new little case to hold birth control pills. I don't know about you, but I like the purple faux-suede "wallet" that my Yasmin comes…
  • »4/30/08 11:30am4/30/08 11:30am

Rhythm Is A Dancer Named Artemisbell On YouTube

Meet your new favorite obsession: Artemisbell aka Diana Campanella. A 54-year-old Arizona-based artist, Diana has taken up a new hobby of filming herself dancing to hits from Exposé, CeCe Peniston, and Cameo and posting them on YouTube. In her profile she says, "I'd like to thank and pay tribute to all the great song… »11/07/07 10:30am11/07/07 10:30am