Watch Yaya DaCosta Sing Whitney Houston's 'I'm Your Baby Tonight'

Lifetime's clips from their new Whitney Houston biopic are coming fast and furious in the weeks leading up to its January debut. Today, we got Yaya DaCosta, as Houston, recording one of the late star's biggest hits "I'm Your Baby Tonight." *does a Whitney-dressed-as-mod-Audrey Hepburn snap* » 12/23/14 7:20pm 12/23/14 7:20pm

Lifetime's Whitney Biopic Trailer Looks Really Good

Lifetime released a new trailer for their forthcoming Whitney Houston biopic and it doesn't look bad. In fact, it looks good! Miracles can happen, folks; it's Christmas time. » 12/04/14 9:15pm 12/04/14 9:15pm

Lifetime's Whitney Houston Biopic Might Not Be Terrible

To follow-up its god-awful Aaliyah movie, Lifetime TV will air an Angela Bassett-directed biopic about the life of Whitney Houston, Whitney, on Jan. 17, 2015. We have a few photos from the set and I'm not getting my hopes up but pre-judging from these images, it maybe might not be terrible?? » 12/02/14 6:20pm 12/02/14 6:20pm

Whitney Houston Biopic Casts Bobby Brown Actor And It's ... Something

As Frank Ocean so eloquently crooned, we all try and that is what Lifetime is doing with their latest casting in the forthcoming Whitney Houston made-for-TV biopic. Last week, Yaya DaCosta was announced as the lead actress who will play Houston herself. » 7/15/14 2:15pm 7/15/14 2:15pm

Celebrities Make PETA Cry

At the 7th Annual CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund Awards, the entire animal kingdom was on display. Fur-frowners will have plenty to complain about, but believe us, amongst this star-studded gang there was something to offend — and please — everyone! » 11/16/10 10:32am 11/16/10 10:32am

See All The September Covers, By The Numbers

Here are 29 covers from the hallowed, heavy September fashion issues (click to soak it all in). So how do Vogue, Elle, and the smaller titles stack up? Let's put September to a full statistical analysis. » 8/18/10 3:00pm 8/18/10 3:00pm

The New W Miraculously Unearths A Diverse Young Hollywood

With the September issue, the new editor of W is announcing his vision to the world. The cover theme is young Hollywood It girls, and somehow, unlike corporate sibling Vanity Fair, W thinks women of color can also be "it." » 8/09/10 3:45pm 8/09/10 3:45pm

You Wanna Be On Top

Holy crap, an America's Next Top Model » 9/02/08 3:20pm 9/02/08 3:20pm alum neither embarrassing nor degrading! Cycle 3's Yaya DaCosta is starring in an off-Broadway production of . According to the , Yaya and actress Leslie Uggams "play the same character - Lucretia - but at very different points in her life. Ms. DaCosta is a 17-year-old in the…