The Family That Yawns Together Stays Together

New research shows that yawning is more contagious among family and friends than it is among strangers. Says study author Ivan Norscia, "the rate of contagion was greatest in response to kin, then friends, then acquaintances, and lastly strangers. Also the response gap (latency) — or how long it takes to a person to… » 12/13/11 6:15pm 12/13/11 6:15pm

Broadway Momentarily Un-Gay: Clay Aiken Musical Cancelled

Moe is being interrogated by El Al as I type this, which means that her stock market/foreign policy-illuminating "Evening Purge" will be on hiatus until she returns from The Homeland next week. (My homeland, she keeps telling me. Not hers. Whatevs.) And so, back by not popular demand, my Bush-hating, animal-loving… » 8/15/07 7:00pm 8/15/07 7:00pm