Your Sarcastic Dick-Related Legislation Roundup

With all this talk of personhood and vaginal punishment-probes and the general whorishness who use birth control that's paid for by insurance, a beautiful trend has arisen from the smoldering remains of common sense. Unable to fight fire with facts, progressive lawmakers facing dizzyingly retro abortion andā€¦ » 3/05/12 7:00pm 3/05/12 7:00pm

Smartass State Lawmaker Proposes Vasectomy Limits for Men

Today, a panel of Democratic lawmakers in Georgia will convene for a historic debate on a bill that proposes limits on vasectomies on the grounds that they deprive children "the opportunity to be born." The anti-vasectomy bill's framers aren't serious; they're making a point about the stupidity of conservativeā€¦ » 2/22/12 1:15pm 2/22/12 1:15pm