Nina Garcia: Still Doesn't Know Whether She's In Or Out

  • OK, so the latest on the soap opera-esque tale of Nina Garcia is that she's been offered the part-time title of Editor-at-Large by the peeps at ELLE because they want her to stay on-board because she made ELLE famous because of Project Runway and let's face it, print is dying anyway and needs all the free press it…
  • »4/15/08 11:30am4/15/08 11:30am

Is It Dumb That We're Kind Of Psyched About The Jennifer Lopez Movie?

  • Fresh off her appearance on the cover of the June Glamour, Jennifer Lopez will grace the cover of Conde Nast's supremely stupid supplement Fashion Rocks. We don't know if it's more retarded that Jennifer Lopez is supposed to represent "rock" or that Conde Nast is so used to putting pointless, overexposed celebrities…
  • »7/25/07 10:19am7/25/07 10:19am