For Celeb Stylist Rachel Zoe, The Worst Is Yet To Come

  • Anna Wintour-mocking Rachel Zoe has been dropped from her management company because "they didn't want to anger Anna and Anna is more important." [NY Post]
  • Agyness Deyn, the Most Important Model In The Universe right now, turns out to not really be 18 or even 21 (ages she's given to various interviewers) but 24.
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'NY Times' Fashion Critic Cathy Horyn Trash-Talks Vera Wang; Gets…

  • NY Times fashion critic Cathy Horyn (left) ate Cheerios, ran into a bunch of famous people she knows, got coffee, saw a Vera Wang show that was supposed to be about "Rome" and she totally didn't see what was so "Rome" about it. Her blog is sort of like Cory Kennedy's blog, only with better punctuation.[NYT]
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