First Impressions: Someone Left A Drag Queen Out In The Rain At Heatherette

Who: Assorted drag queens (seen at left).
What: The Spring/Summer '08 show for Heatherette, the line by former club kids Richie Rich and Traver Rains known for its bright, shredded, bedazzled, fucked-up separates and dresses.
Where: NYC's Gotham Hall.
When: Now. After the jump, we check in with Dodai, who is being… » 9/11/07 5:20pm 9/11/07 5:20pm

First Impressions: Betsey Johnson Show Looks Like "A Bistro In A French Whorehouse"

Who: MisShapes harpy Leigh Lezark; Nigel Barker.
What: The Spring/Summer '08 collection of Betsey Johnson (seen at left), the eternal teenager famous for her florals, animal prints, baby-dolls, and platforms.
Where: NYC's Bryant Park.
When: Now. After the jump, we check in with Dodai, who braved a literal downpour to… » 9/11/07 2:30pm 9/11/07 2:30pm

First Impressions: What's Up With The Turbans At Milly?

Who: Young female celebs and other assorted "cute girls" in their 20s.
What: Milly, the ultra-feminine, young contemporary line designed by Michelle Smith (seen at left).
Where: NYC's Bryant Park.
When: Now. After the jump, we check in with the youngest Jezebel, Jennifer, who gives us a full report via liveblog,… » 9/10/07 2:40pm 9/10/07 2:40pm

First Impressions: Catherine Malandrino's Big Sleeves, Feminine Frocks Make A Pretty Woman Out Of Moe

Moe's over at the Chelsea Art Museum for the spring/summer 2008 Catherine Malandrino show. (That's Catherine at left.) Moe may be hungover (she texted us something about 9/11 conspiracy theories at 1:30am last night, so it's likely). And Jennifer is there too, sitting next to Mena Suvari. Here's what Moe has to say. … » 9/08/07 12:44pm 9/08/07 12:44pm

First Impressions: It's A Shitshow At Baby Phat

Double the people, double the fun: Both Dodai and Moe are set to cover the Baby Phat show, so we're going to try a dual live-blog. First up, Dodai, who's actually made it to the venue. Dodai, 5:57: "It is absolute chaos right now, with cops, security, and celebs I can't place." 5:58: "Diddy's mom?" 6:01: "The British… » 9/07/07 6:10pm 9/07/07 6:10pm

First Impressions: Hot Guys & Star Jones At Tracy Reese Show

Dodai is over at the Tracy Reese show with "standing room priority" status. Hope she gets in! Here's what's happening there so far: 11:15: "No one needs to be told this, but Nigel Barker is all-caps HOT!". 11:16: "I saw Angela Davis Jr I think. Doesn't she have a huge blonde fro?" 11:18: "Star Jones in the house." … » 9/07/07 11:20am 9/07/07 11:20am

First Impressions: Ports 1961 Fashion Show Smells Better Than Our Hotel Room

Moe decided to break her self-imposed ban on non booze-involving fashion week events to attend the Ports 1961 show because of a unique globalization angle: the brand is based in Xiamen, a Chinese city renowned mostly for being the home base of the country's thriving human trafficking industry. The designers used… » 9/07/07 9:45am 9/07/07 9:45am

First Impressions: Gwen Stefani's L.A.M.B. Line

Dodai's report: 8:44: "Sophia Bush is in the flashbulb fray in front row. Also, Eve! Also, Gavin and baby Kingston! 8:45: P. Diddy sat next to Gavin!" 8:46: "Diddy just played with baby." 8:49: "Kingston is wearing tiny True Religion jeans I think." [Uh, what about the show? Wasn't it supposed to start at eight????… » 9/05/07 8:45pm 9/05/07 8:45pm