Workout Like It's 1985: Jane Fonda's Fitness Vids Are Being Rereleased

Jane Fonda's 1980s aerobics videos were the conduit that first brought fitness to the home (via that fun new invention, the VCR). It was a good-time workout you could do in your living room, led by that spunky actress everyone wanted to be, and befriend. Her debut 1982 video remains the best selling fitness video of… »12/29/14 6:40pm12/29/14 6:40pm


The Sassiest Moments from 31 Years of Jane Fonda's Workout Tapes

31 years ago today, the unstoppable force that is Jane Fonda released "Jane Fonda's Workout" on VHS, a tape that would inspire Americans to hop in place while obeying the spandex-clad Fonda's every direction in the comfort of their own living rooms. Fonda's still as healthy as ever, and has continued to deliver her… »4/24/13 6:40pm4/24/13 6:40pm