Do You Wanna Make More Money? Sure, We All Do. (But Is That Really Your Biggest Problem With Your Job?)

A new survey of 12,000 working women says you'd like a raise. I mean, duh. But no, here's the most troubling part: more of you could use a 10% raise than those of you who would rather have better health coverage, a pension, accessible child care or more time off combined. Depending on the opportunity costs and net… »6/25/08 6:00pm6/25/08 6:00pm

Crying! Shitting! Stripping! Please Share Your Most Undignified Day At The Office

Keeping up with the new Wall Street Journal "Journal Women" website has been kind of fun! First there was this story about doing business in Asia, where women often find it a little bit awkward when following about six hours of Crown Royal-soaked karaoke their hosts try to pair them up with "hostesses" as if they are… »6/10/08 2:00pm6/10/08 2:00pm

Women Work "Harder" Because They Take Their Dumb Jobs Way Too Seriously

A new study says women and men are different about something! (Think it's about time I programmed a series of command keys so I could type those eleven words with minimal effort? Yeah, only a dude would be that lazy. Or enterprising. Whatev.) Anyway, this study says that women work harder than men. Because they're… »12/27/07 3:00pm12/27/07 3:00pm