Older Ladies Aren't As Horny, And They're Fine With That

A new study finds that many ladies over 80 don't have a lot of sexual desire, but that doesn't really bother them — even if they're sexually active. » 1/04/12 10:40am 1/04/12 10:40am

How Many Girls Want Girl-On-Girl Action?

New analysis was presented yesterday by the National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study regarding same-sex sexual activity amongst 17-year-olds. The NLLFS was comparing their numbers to numbers obtained from The U.S. National Survey of Family Growth to figure out if lesbian parents inspire their children to engage in… » 12/27/11 6:30pm 12/27/11 6:30pm

What Women Want? To Talk About What Women Want

Since yesterday's NY Times Magazine piece "What Do Women Want?" about new research into female sexuality was so long and hard (to parse!), it took two of us to try to take it on. » 1/26/09 12:00pm 1/26/09 12:00pm

'Marie Claire' Unabashedly Pro-Bush (And We Don't Mean The President)

The most fascinating thing in the new issue of Marie Claire is not the fact that novelist Joel Rose fails to admit that he cheated on his second wife, writer Catherine "Breakup" Texier. (All Joel will say is, "In the end, my needs won out, for better or worse.") Nor is it cover subject Rebecca Romijn's confession that… » 5/21/07 7:30pm 5/21/07 7:30pm