Sorry, Republicans. Young Women Will Never Vote For You.

Stop me if you've heard this one: the Republican party can't help but notice that women don't like them much. Thankfully, they've got a fancy new consulting firm ON THE CASE. They've got pamphlets. They've got a polished message and nice fingernails. They've got pretty much the same plan they had after 2008, and, uh,… » 11/12/13 1:20pm 11/12/13 1:20pm

Seriously, Women Actually Pay Attention To Politics In Other Years, Too

I've written before about how this election feels like the year in high school that I got breasts and boys started paying attention to me » 10/24/08 7:20pm 10/24/08 7:20pm. You'd think that this was the year that women finally proved that they can get elected to office, will show up to vote and care about politics, even though all those things have…