Interview: Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, Who Brought Women Abortions By Sea

If you read Emily Bazelon's remarkable feature "The Dawn of the Post-Clinic Abortion" in the New York Times Magazine, you'll remember Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, the physician and activist who became internationally famous after sailing an "abortion ship" to countries where abortion remains illegal, providing (because the… » 12/31/14 11:50am 12/31/14 11:50am

Dutch "Abortion Ship" Has Wind Taken Out Of Its Sails

For 10 years, Rebecca Gomperts' ship, the Aurora, has been sailing to countries where abortion is illegal and, covered by Dutch law, providing women with abortions. But, due to changes in that law, it may have sailed a last time. » 7/29/09 1:40pm 7/29/09 1:40pm

"Ordering" An Abortion Online: The Choice When You Don't Really Have A…

The BBC is reporting that a website called Women On Web is making abortion-inducing drugs just a mouse-click away. In a British Journal of Obstetrics and Gynaecology survey of 200 women who used the site to order aborificients, 11% went on to need a surgical procedure — either because the drugs didn't complete the… » 7/11/08 12:00pm 7/11/08 12:00pm