Why Yes, There Are Orthodox Members of Jerusalem's Women of The Wall

Critics of the Women of the Wall—female Jewish advocates of the equal right to prayer at the Western Wall by reading aloud from the Torah and wearing the religious garments of tallitot and tefillin (considered traditional for men only)—assume that it's comprised entirely of female Reform Jews. However, some feminist… »4/20/13 5:00pm4/20/13 5:00pm

Sarah Silverman's Sister Was Detained By Israeli Cops for Wearing a Prayer Shawl at the Western Wall

Here's the gist of the controversy over Israel's holy Western Wall: lots of Jewish women think they deserve the right to pray aloud, read from the Torah, and wear religious garments there, just as men do, but the ultra-Orthodox caretakers of the site have made sure they're prohibited by law from doing just that.… »2/11/13 1:40pm2/11/13 1:40pm

Just Let Jewish Women Pray How They Wanna Pray at the Western Wall, for Chrissakes

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has assigned famous former dissident Natan Sharansky an impossible task that The Daily Beast's Dan Ephron calls "almost cruel in its complexity." No, it's not brokering peace in the Middle East, but coming up with some sort of compromise between Jewish women who want to pray at… »2/06/13 11:10am2/06/13 11:10am