More Lady Drivers Could Mean Fewer Road Fatalities and Better Things for the Environment

Ladies, fellow womyn, it is time that, once again, we raise our Diva Cups to the moon and toast to yet another victory in the War on Men. I know we were supposed to keep the war a secret — deny, deny, deny and all that — but it's just so hard to stay hush-hush about it when we keep winning. Whereas before we were… » 12/14/12 12:40pm 12/14/12 12:40pm

Women Drivers Don't Know How To Shift Gears, Start Cars, Or For That Matter, Dress Themselves

Meadow Soprano may not be able to parallel park, but, according to a recent post on one of our favorite blogs, Modern Mechanix, female drivers once had bigger fish to fry. Like the following! "Among the driving problems which bother women, perhaps the most important are these: 1—Engine is difficult to start. 2—Gears… » 6/12/07 3:37pm 6/12/07 3:37pm