Let's Talk About Beauty Products. I'll Go First.

Last week one of you brilliant readers suggested we create a space on this site for chatting about all of our makeups and hair craps. Here is that space! Every Monday, we’d love to hear about your weekend trips to Sephora, party makeup fails, broken compacts and any other beauty-related nonsense you’d like to share. »9/21/15 2:00pm9/21/15 2:00pm

Jane Marie's 24-Hour Product Diary: It Ain't Pretty

I’m “kind of in a weird place right now,” as they say when they are minimizing while fishing for sympathy. As a result, my beauty regimen has recently become both more intricate — perhaps I can slough off this funk with a million products? — and way sloppier. Think pizza boxes piled up next to the bed, but instead of… »9/17/15 4:12pm9/17/15 4:12pm

How to Shop When You Really Hate Shopping (But Really Love Clothes)

I hate shopping. If a friend somehow talks me into going to a mall, I spend the entire time acting like the husband on a bad sitcom—I sit on a bench by the door, make a lot of impatient huffing noises, and probably say something about how I better be getting some sex later (and we all know how women, especially wives,… »6/01/15 3:30pm6/01/15 3:30pm