Every Time Some Professional-Woman-Drinking Trend Piece Says Or Implies "Sex And The City Culture," Take A Drink

Although one would think we'd hang up the whole Scary Sadshaw* thing by now (with the occasional exception of a bittersweet Julia Allison oeuvre here and there), this is clearly not the case. Since the show ended its run, there's been one article per year or so about the increased alcohol consumption of "upwardly… »5/19/12 3:30pm5/19/12 3:30pm


Why Using Alcohol To Lower Sexual Inhibitions Isn't Always A Bad Thing

Feminist Law Professors points us to this collection of alcohol ads where they say the "not-so-subtle message of the ad was: 'get'er drunk and she'll do ya!'" However, to me, the Heineken ad at left isn't necessarily about men getting women drunk in order to take advantage of them; it speaks more to a fundamental… »12/03/08 12:30pm12/03/08 12:30pm