The Children Of The Future, Prevented

In the year 2029, we'll all smoke birth control cigarettes after sex. Check out this and other imagined "artifacts from the future" at Wired. [Wired] » 6/23/09 3:30pm 6/23/09 3:30pm

Posh Can Has Cheezburger?

Now that he's landed in L.A., David Beckham has a blog, of course. It's easy to imagine what his entries will entail: Publicist-approved (or written!) information about football; the occasional outtakes from fabulous photo shoots; notes about his soccer academy and charities. Zzzzzzz. Here's what we'd really like to… » 7/16/07 6:00pm 7/16/07 6:00pm

'Marie Claire' Editor Not Reading Internal Company Memos Regarding Jude…

Poor Zoe Glassner. Sure, the aspiring trophy wife has a great job as "Shopping Editor" of the newly-revamped Marie Claire, but the poor dear seems to be under the impression that actor Jude Law, is like, available. (Or even hot anymore. -Ed.). In the latest "Shop Talk With Zoe" in the June issue of the magazine, Zoe… » 5/21/07 7:00am 5/21/07 7:00am