Watch a Robot and a Doll Court and Marry Each Other in New Ad

A Filipino company called Manikako that teaches kids how to make their own dolls out of old clothes and other recycled materials collaborated with Energizer, Revolver, Post Manila and TBWA\SMP to create a WALL-E-esque ad that Adrant describes as "a charming love story," but that I find borderline creepy. Just… » 1/22/12 6:00pm 1/22/12 6:00pm

Meet the Web's Weirdest Authority on American Women, Asian Men, and UFOs

Winston Wu raised his online profile recently by warning men (at great length) about the evils of marriage. But he's long been something of a presence, running a dating site where American men can meet foreign women, and opining about everything from the paranormal to what constitutes a "typical" Asian man. Let's take… » 1/17/12 1:15pm 1/17/12 1:15pm