Jill Soloway Sends a Call to Action for 'the Female Voice'

Jill Soloway recently appeared at L.A.’s Cinefamily theater to promote her website, Wifey.tv, and for a collaboration with all-women filmmaking collective Film Fatales. In 2013, Soloway launched the digital platform with co-founder Rebecca Odes to give women more meaningful content to watch online. Before a… » 7/28/15 11:00pm 7/28/15 11:00pm

'Feminist or Misogynist' Proves That Everything Is Really Confusing

"Feminist vs. Misogynist" is a fun party game to play at your next womyn power sleepover (other suggested activities: decorating your seasonal tampon tree; hitting up your best friend, the ghost of Susan B. Anthony, via ouija board; dismantling the foundations of patriarchy and ushering in a new era of joy and… » 12/17/13 4:30pm 12/17/13 4:30pm